With an academic background in Art, Design and IT, Zoe spent her early career as an IT Consultant.  However, her enduring love of design together with her abundant artistic and creative talent led her to a career change into web and graphic design.  As a freelance Visual Designer Zoe worked for numerous large corporations including Investment Banks, City Stock Exchanges and BSkyB.

Zoe joined Informed in 2006, specialising in Visual Design and User Experience, and has been a key member of the team that has delivered globally acclaimed and industry leading solutions, including DCLG’s National Fire Incident Recording System and the Local Boundary Commission for England’s ground breaking public consultation portal.   She passionately believes that simplicity and elegance are the essential foundations to building a world class user experience.

Personal Perspective 

In her spare time, Zoe’s passion for Visual Design has evolved into her love of Interior Design which she approaches with the same artistic and creative flare that she applies to her work.  She also enjoys tennis and keeping fit.