Tuesday 05 December 2017
05 / 12 / 2017
Australia may have modelled its digital transformation agenda on a UK centre of excellence, but its approach to collaboration is delivering uniquely Australian innovation, argues Elizabeth Vega.
Friday 08 September 2017
08 / 09 / 2017
Starting his journey with the company at a time when many preferred fax over email and e-commerce was still a novelty, Seth Finegan marks our 25th anniversary by looking back on how we’ve navigated a period of momentous change.
Wednesday 14 June 2017
14 / 06 / 2017
Informed Solutions’ staff are given the opportunity to undertake a six to twelve month secondment across our global offices, working alongside experienced colleagues and senior board members. In his latest blog, Sanjay reflects upon the experiences of his latest secondment in the UK…
Thursday 18 May 2017
18 / 05 / 2017
In her latest blog, Informed Solutions Global CEO, Elizabeth Vega, explains the importance of embracing a Digital Government and the opportunities that it can provide...
Wednesday 29 March 2017
29 / 03 / 2017
In her latest blog, Informed Solutions Global CEO, Elizabeth Vega, shares her frustration with a marketplace that insists on commodifying her search for a new CEO for the company’s Australia operations.
Wednesday 25 January 2017
25 / 01 / 2017
It wasn’t just by chance that Informed Solutions became sponsors of the Innovator of the Year Award at the 2017 national Women in IT Awards. For Global CEO Elizabeth Vega, the links between having a diverse workforce, delivering innovation and improved business performance are immutable. In her latest blog she explains why diversity is so important to talent management, service excellence and financial results and how this has helped Informed become an award winning global company…
Tuesday 18 October 2016
18 / 10 / 2016
The Honourable Angus Taylor, Assistant Minister for Cities & Digital Transformation, launched Australia’s new Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) at the AIIA’s Federal and ACT Digital Transformation Luncheon at the National Press Club in Canberra last Friday.
Wednesday 21 September 2016
21 / 09 / 2016
The UK's leading IT industry representative body, techUK, has continually pushed positive messaging to encourage more women into our industry. Informed Solutions’ Global CEO, Elizabeth Vega, is a Main Board Member at techUK, on the Board of Governors at University Technology College @ MediaCity and a champion of Women in IT. Elizabeth is committed to making sure that the progress the UK tech industry is finally and painstakingly making doesn’t become undermined by complacency. She offers some important insights below:
Thursday 15 September 2016
15 / 09 / 2016
The Oil & Gas industry is currently being squeezed at both ends; by tumbling Oil prices as international volatility exploits the vagaries of global market; and by spiralling production costs as the replenishing of reserves becomes increasingly challenging. In his latest blog, Informed Solutions Technical Director Australia, James Hartley, explains the key role of data in managing these critical challenges…
Monday 16 May 2016
16 / 05 / 2016
In his latest blog, Informed Solutions’ UK CEO Seth Finegan explains why digital transformation of public services is about much more than simply putting a glossy front-end on otherwise relatively mundane transactions and processes…